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The Stalker visits GTE – Chris Walker’s GTE Styled Custom Caddy!

Chris Walker definitely has good taste in vans, he’s chosen to support his riding school by stocking up on VW Vans, with Crafters, Transporters and his very own custom Caddy.  His race school in Leicestershire offers all levels and ages of motorcyclists, both male and female, a totally unique and bespoke on track experience at a selection of British Superbike circuits.  The bikes and equipment along with personal instruction from top flight and current BSB stars makes for a special experience, although we’re not sure anyone will be getting their hands on his Caddy after his trip to GTE.

Thanks for the photo Chris and we hope you enjoy your newly styled custom Caddy!

If you’re thinking about building your very own Caddy to your own spec feel free to give us a shout.  Come down for a look at our latest ideas, the kettle is always on and we’re always happy to talk shop, or if you’re looking for a little more excitement check out:

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